Using photography to gain followers

Tips on how to grow your followers with your photography

Have you ever thought about how people get a lot of followers? Say, for example, on Instagram: the most popular social media platform meant for sharing pictures and videos. Nowadays, you do not have to own a DSLR camera to get a good photo of what interests you. Most people capture images thru their smartphone cameras and can easily share them online.

Your photography, however, should be unique and should stand out from the rest of the crowd. In this way, you attract followers to your account and get to engage them in your posts. Here are some tips on how you can use photography to grow your followers.

Level up your photography game

Make the most out of the available features of your camera. Utilize features such as zoom, focus, flash, and wide-angle shots. You can also buy camera lenses for an upgrade. You should decide on what to capture and be creative with your shots.

A high-quality picture is a product of following some basic tips in photography. No one wants a blurred picture! One important tip to get a clear shot is to focus on the subject and the depth of field. You may want to follow the rule of thirds to some of your photos with the help of grid lines to emphasize the subject. Also, choose the best lighting and angle for the photo.

Meaningful captions and use of hashtags

You want your followers to engage with your posts, so how do you do that? You generate an honest and meaningful caption, perhaps a story or a description of why you have come up with that picture. Respond to their comments and engage in discussions.

Your post can be visible to anyone, even to those who do not follow you, with the help of hashtags. This can help you grow your followers. You can search for popular hashtags within your area and select which hashtags to use -- preferably relevant and specific ones. Remember not to put more than 30 hashtags and to have variations with each post. 

Customize your feed

Do the photos look good together or are they messy to look at? The first thing that people will look at before following you is your profile. Decide on what you want your feed to look like. Be organized and consistent in terms of style, appearance, or theme. You can use the app Unum to check if photos will look good next to each other before posting.

Link your post to other social media networks

There is an option in which you can share the same content of your post to other social media platforms. This can be done with just a click or by linking your post or account to other networks. This is an effective way to reach other people to follow your page. If you are lucky and your posts go viral, it can grow your followers in an instant.

Be active in social media

It is important to engage with your followers often. Socialize, and make sure that you also like and comment on their posts. This is a great way to get you noticed and to gain other connections from their followers.


Post frequently, but not too much. It is recommended to post once a day so that people will see you every day, but not to the point that you are flooding them with your posts. Besides, this can make people engage and focus more on your post than if you have multiple posts.


Follow people

Follow people for them to follow you too. Follow back accounts and look for other interesting profiles with the same interests as yours. You may also check support groups on Facebook. With the help of the group, people support each other by following, liking, commenting, and sharing posts to boost each other’s accounts.