Turn Instagram Into a Business

Strategies for you to turn your Social Media Accounts into a Business

In today’s time, social media had greatly influenced society, including businesses, and most, if not all, people are using their social media accounts to connect. Social media is a great platform to run a business considering its great number of users and this is believed by 73% of marketers. If used correctly, it can give you a long-term business and a lot of customers.


Social media has been used as a weapon for success for some people. Even if you are new to the business, you can interact with a wide audience as long as you have a social media account.

Here are some strategies you may use if you want to turn your social media accounts into a business:

Determine what social media account to use for business

First, you have to choose what social media platforms are frequently used in running a business. Look for social media conversion features that can directly make your social media account into a business account. Consider where your target clients spend most of their time online as this can expose your business without having to pay for advertisements.


Learn about your market

You should know the trends in your area to get an idea of which product to sell or what kind of service your followers need. It is easy to connect with your target market with the help of social media thus, use it to learn more about the needs and interests of your followers. Be mindful of your competitors and monitor what they are doing on their social media.


Be creative in your website

A neat and simple website with appealing visuals related to your business is essential to attract your followers to pay attention to your page. It should not be complicated and the texts should be understandable. You may want to add a personal touch to your messages which can be a very effective marketing strategy.


Your contact information should be included on your website and make sure that there is an option where your followers can message you instantly. Your followers can ask queries and you can easily respond. You may want to put an automated message so it can answer temporarily while you are away.


Focus on your brand

A brand is something that makes your business unique from the others – this represents your company’s goals and purpose. Always see to it that you are posting in line with your brand to increase your credibility. In this way, you are earning the trust of your followers and their regard for your business. You are also building your reputation by being consistent with your brand.


Post appropriate and useful contents regularly

Be active in your social media account by posting regularly. This can help you reach your followers which is essential to establish your business. Be consistent in posting so that your followers will be familiar with you and your business. For example, it is recommended to post once a day on Facebook and Twitter and about three times a week on LinkedIn.


Use media such as pictures and videos, and allow it to be shareable.  You may use filters to improve your media and put up an appropriate description of each post to attract your followers’ attention.


Engage with your followers

Make sure that you ask for feedback from your customers because this can give you an insight into what does and does not work. Develop a good relationship with your customers as this can be a good way to increase your referrals. Be open to suggestions—may it be good or bad -- and listen to your followers’ comments and reviews.


Evaluate your post results

You must analyze your social media post results. This allows you to grasp which topics have gained interaction and which content had the most discussion. This can also determine the best time for you to post which you can modify for your future posts.